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Pursuit of perfection is our supreme Maxim. Our quality is characterised by extremely careful pre-planning and creative ideas, by our flexibility and our always professional response in critical and stressful situations.


Service is an indispensable absolute in our industry and therefore, of utmost importance to us. We always try to respond to the customer’s spontaneous wishes in a highly flexible manner and always find a quick alternative if possible. No solution is not an alternative for us!


Design is our hobby, our passion and, luckily, also a part of our job. Design concerns all areas and is part of every outcome of the Matte Black ethos. We see design not only in the macro sense, but also in the detail…no matter whether it strikes the customer and the guests or not.

Bespoke Event Management Consultancy Agency

Matte Black Event & Design Concepts specialises in Event management, with years of experience within the industry delivering events in Europe and throughout the world; allowing us to offer bespoke Event management consultancy for our clients. We work with all the major stakeholders in the Event industry, including venues, Event suppliers, Event companies and professionals looking for help. We can help you to work more efficiently, introduce new processes and overall provide advice (including venue finding) without getting in the way and taking up your precious time!

We Only Offer The Best Service For Our Clients

When consulting, our dedicated team understands the importance of following company standards to ensure we are offering the best advice to our clients. Our Event consulting services include offering advice and recommendations, whilst also supporting the implementation of the necessary changes for areas such as agenda planning, Event planning processes, Event logistics, Event marketing and on-site management, to name a few.

So, whether it’s just involvement in one small part of the project or the entire planning process, Matte Black Event & Design Concepts is here to offer Event management advice and strategic direction along with anything else you may need.

We Will Help You Make It Happen

The agency supports our customers and their locations for their entire experience – from the important interior-specific decisions, continuing up to the actual marketing and subsequent event implementation. If you have an idea for an Event or the Event presentation itself –


Event Management

As a logical result of many years of on-location work, Matte Black has also specialized in external Events. Our team does not make any exceptions – conference, press event, product presentation or party – we serve every customer idea and bring in our experience in design, planning and implementation.

Booth Construction

If an agency deals with the development of venues for years, it is only a small step that the same agency also designs exhibition stands. Following multiple customer inquiries in this area, the agency has taken this step accordingly and has been successfully implementing trade booth stands, especially in the fashion, sport and gastronomy sector. At the same time, we like to move internationally, but also on a regional basis.

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